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The U.S. Toy Collector

The Toy Association commissioned The NPD Group to conduct custom research that takes an in-depth look at the U.S. toy collector. This comprehensive report profiles toy collectors of all ages across multiple toy categories including: Action figures, mini-figures and figurines; dolls and accessories; plush; sticker and cards; toy vehicles; and other toys. This report provides detailed information on the size and value of their collections, motivations for collecting, shopping habits and retailer preferences, cross category collecting and segments collectors by unifying characteristics.


The Future Toy Consumer and Toy Retail Ecosystem, Part I: Critical Findings

The Toy Association has commissioned a series of studies by ProdigyWorks to explore the future of the toy industry. Part I provides a comprehensive overview of the project, including: what the future toy consumer may look like; tackling the new retail environment; and harnessing technological advancements to enhance toys.


The Future Toy Consumer and Toy Retail Ecosystem, Part II: The Details

The Toy Association has commissioned a series of studies by ProdigyWorks to explore the future of the toy industry. Part II shares detailed findings and insights from the project, addressing topics such as forces and trends transforming the toy industry, the emerging toy consumer, and the evolving definitions of toys and play.

2017 Financial & Operating Benchmark Survey

This confidential survey collected financial and operations data from 59 member companies that are engaged in toy manufacturing, importing, and distribution.

Member manufacturers that did not participate in the survey may purchase the aggregated results for $1,500 by contacting Bernadette Boyle.


The June 2018 Global Toy Market Presentation Made to ICTI

The NPD Group's 2018 Global Toy Market Overview provides an update on latest global toy trends, including: 2017 global sales, G12 toy market's key take-aways including industry growth, performance by Super Category, as well as trends regarding products, licensing, collectibles, top properties, online sales and more.

The reports is available upon request to eligible members by contacting Anne McConnell.


The U.S. Marketplace and the Toy Industry 2017

Report features economic profile of the U.S., toy sales and product trends, consumer demographics, population projections, distribution channels, information on marketing/advertising spend, toy regulatory requirements, and more.

The American Toy Consumer & Kids’ Routines

This Toy Association-commissioned report from Kidz Global analyzes U.S. child population trends, consumer behavior, and holiday shopping trends. It explores popular kids’ entertainment brands and characters, kids’ routines and play habits, digital media use, and pocket money spend.


The Toy Specialty Shopper

Perceptions and Behaviors of Toy Specialty Shoppers: The Toy Association and The NPD Group provide information on the toy specialty shopper, toy purchase planning and spending, consumer behavior in stores, what brings shoppers into certain stores and not others, and what makes them shop once inside.


Strategies for Growth in the Toy Industry

Developed with Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management, this report examines shifting trends in toy distribution channels and identifies potential new pathways to success.