The Toy Association Statement on Fidget Spinners

As with any object found in a child’s environment, parents and caregivers should take precautions to ensure their children are using fidget spinners safely.

The Toy Association encourages families to heed important safety guidance regarding children’s use of fidget spinners. Make sure fidget spinners are age-appropriate by following age labeling on the product. If the spinner does not have age guidance on its packaging, don’t buy it. Never give children under three years of age (or those who still put toys in their mouths) any items, such as fidget spinners, that have small parts. The small button batteries used in some light-up spinners can be hazardous to a child. A good rule of thumb: if a fidget spinner doesn’t look sturdy or doesn’t have any age or safety labeling, don’t risk it with your child. 

Parents are encouraged to always supervise their children and ensure they are playing with spinners, and all toys, in the way they are intended to be used.

The Toy Association urges families to shop at reputable retailers they know and trust. Those retailers will be selling products that comply with more than 100 stringent U.S. safety standards and tests.

Important toy and play safety tips for families can be found at, The Toy Association’s trusted resource for parents and caregivers.

This statement was reaffirmed by The Toy Association in October 2017.