New Report on “Generation Z” Trends Available for Members

July 18, 2017 | Parents of “Generation Z” prefer to combine both online and offline experiences to engage their kids and maximize their learning potential, according to’s latest monthly report, available for free to members of The Toy Association.

Generation Z is defined as those children born between 2000 and the present. The report takes a deep dive into products, marketing, and other initiatives relevant to the demographic.

“This is a unique group of children who are smart, tech-friendly, and naturally curious. Parents of these kids seek out products and experiences that are educational, fun, and combine both digital and traditional methods of learning and playing,” says Anne McConnell, senior director of market research & data strategy at The Toy Association. “Toy companies that can masterfully mix all of this together will have a leg up on the competition.”

The report highlights the following trends:

  • Sensory Storytelling – Parents of young children want innovative reading formats using virtual, emotional, and tactile cues to inspire their kids and spark curiosity. E.g.:  augmented reality textile games.
  • Kit Creativity – Do-it-yourself activity kits offer kids a fun, low-tech experience that encourages creative development. E.g.: kid-friendly sneaker decorating kits.
  • Analog Toy Tech – Introducing children to high-tech concepts through low-tech toys and activities appeals to parents’ desire to limit screen time while also offering toys that have added benefits besides entertainment. E.g.: Primo Toys’ Cubetto toy that teaches children the basics of coding.
  • Productionized Prodigy – Today’s ease of accessing information has created a generation of highly competent children who need to be empowered and challenged through play. E.g.: entrepreneurial toys such as Fashion Angels' 'It's My Biz' toys to inspire careers in business.
  • Crafting Community – Social DIY experiences appeal to Generation Z, which offer face-to-face interaction, and the ability to create their own goods and acquire new skills. E.g.: canvas coloring parties, which encourage group activities by bringing adult and children together to create canvases that are hung in public spaces.

This value-added report is the latest in a series from the research company offering in-depth perspectives and trends in various areas related to the toy industry. Members are encouraged to send topic suggestions for future trend reports to The Toy Association’s Anne McConnell. has accumulated nearly 3 billion views from more than 100 million visitors. The data research company helps clients “Dive Deeper,” “Work Smarter,” and “Save Effort” in order to increase the overall success of their companies and brands.