Exploring a Culture of Convenience: New Trend Hunter Report

August 23, 2019 | TrendHunter.com’s latest free monthly report for Toy Association members explores how consumer demand for “convenience” is impacting businesses and the products and services they sell.

“From AI-empowered hotel rooms to voice-activated wellness apps, products and services are connecting with customers in increasingly innovative ways,” said Anne McConnell, senior director of market research & data strategy at The Toy Association. “This report is filled with examples and insights to help toy companies implement new ideas that cater to today’s ‘culture of convenience.’”

The “Convenience Culture” report includes the following topics, in addition to many other examples:

  • Automated Household – Brands are offering delivery services and unique programs to make everyday rituals more convenient. Home furnishing startup Floyd offers same-day delivery on select home furnishings. The Detroit-based company achieves this through a streamlined inventory system, which consists of multiple, fully stocked warehouses situated in popular delivery areas.
  • All-in-One Retail – Brands are taking the one-stop-shop format to the next level by offering consumers easier ways to plan, access, and complete all their necessary shopping needs in one trip. Sainsbury’s, the UK supermarket chain, recently opened the doors to a superstore that is a pilot for a new hybrid retail format. In the store, shoppers will find household furnishings, as well as plenty of food options and fashion selections.
  • Contactless Vending – The convenience of vending machines is being enhanced by the incorporation of contactless payment systems that can be made through smartphones. Nike’s pop-up store in Atlanta leveraged geofencing tech and seamlessly integrated the digital within the physical by encouraging shoppers to use its “SNKRS” mobile app, which included notifications about limited edition drops at the pop-up and access to special deals and sneakers.
  • Voiced Health – Brands are creating personalized and convenience-oriented health-related assistants that provide consumers with updated data and tailored recommendations and tips regarding their health. San Diego-based start-up Cuida Health introduced LiSA (Learning Interface for Senior Adults), a voice-activated social wellness app for seniors that can be used with popular smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home.
  • AI Accommodation – Hotels are integrating artificial intelligence technology to offer guests a more streamlined stay. The InterContinental Hotels & Resorts is the first to create AI-powered hotel rooms at key destinations and gateway cities across China. Teaming up with tech giant Baidu, the AI-powered hotel rooms recognize a myriad of phrases ranging from questions to commands, and even basic statements.

This report is the latest in a series from Trend Hunter offering in-depth perspectives and trends in various areas related to the toy industry and beyond youth markets to help spark unique ideas. For additional relevant trends, toy companies may click on the report’s consumer insights examples, scroll down, and click the images for further information.

Members are encouraged to send topic suggestions for future trend reports to The Toy Association’s Anne McConnell.

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