The New COPPA Rule: What Does It Mean for the Toy Industry?


The webinar provides participants with an overview of key changes to the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) rule and actions toy companies should take to comply by the July 2013 implementation deadline.

Target audience:

All toy industry stakeholders; recommended for those who work on toy marketing and advertising initiatives and those actively involved in developing and promoting toy-based mobile apps.

Additional Information:

After gathering input from stakeholders for the past two years, the FTC finalized changes to the COPPA Rule on December 19, 2012. The final Rule incorporates numerous changes recommended by TIA that help reduce some of the burdens of the new Rule, but toy companies will need to carefully review the final Rule and implement a number of changes before the July 1, 2013 deadline.

This pre-recorded presentation will provide an overview of key changes in the COPPA rule and provide insights on important issues for toy companies, such as:

  • How new definitions in the COPPA Rule affect activities at websites and mobile apps
  • The scope of exclusions
  • New obligations for plug-ins and other third parties
  • Due diligence requirements for vendors and service providers
  • Updating privacy policies
  • Parental notice and consent
  • Data retention and deletion


Ed Desmond, Executive Vice President, External Affairs, Toy Industry Association

Presented by:
Mamie Kresses, Senior Attorney at Federal Trade Commission

Ms. Kresses is a senior attorney in the Federal Trade Commission’s Division of Advertising Practices. She is currently responsible for enforcement of the COPPA Rule and is co-manager of the 2011 COPPA Rule review. In addition to serving as lead counsel in numerous COPPA cases, she has recently focused on the areas of online advertising and consumer privacy, including behavioral advertising, spyware, adware and affiliate marketing. She also has brought law enforcement matters challenging deceptive health and safety claims and deceptive business opportunity schemes.

Sheila A. Millar, Partner at Keller and Heckman LLP.

Ms. Millar has extensive experience counseling clients on regulatory compliance and public policy issues and represents TIA on advertising and privacy issues. She is a Vice Chair of the ICC Marketing and Advertising Commission, and chairs the Commission’s Working Group on Sustainability, where she spearheaded development of the ICC's Framework Guides on Environmental Marketing Claims. In addition to advertising and privacy matters, Ms. Millar advises clients on green claims, green chemistry, product safety and a wide variety of other regulatory and public policy matters.

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