Annual Business Conference

Join us in Minneapolis, MN on June 18 & 19 for the opportunity to gain insights into the most important issues of the day affecting your business. Attendees will hear directly from Target on issues related to retail, importing, sourcing and more.

Member Resources

The Genius of Play Month

Members are invited to join the Play All May celebration by participating in daily giveaways.

Submit your products to be featured in a giveaway by March 31!

Retailer Bankruptcy Information

Visit the Prime Clerk website to view documents about the Sears restructuring process; The Toy Association also has a resource page with information about the Toys“R”Us bankruptcy and liquidation.

Inspiring Generations of Play

Our mission is to be a unifying force for members’ creativity, responsibility and global success, advocating
for their needs and championing the benefits of play.


Toy Manufacturing and Retail Solutions - the Future

Industry ReportThe Toy Association has commissioned a series of studies by ProdigyWorks to explore the future of the toy industry. Complementing a first phase completed in early 2018, the new report shares an overview of the critical need for toy manufacturers and retailers to innovate and presents key pathways to attracting new and existing consumers for success in the future marketplace.


The Toy Association’s new Safety Education Program provides a detailed overview of key state, federal, and international safety regulations and requirements impacting the toy industry.


The toy industry is dedicated to putting smiles on the faces of children. The Toy Foundation (TTF) is a focal point for the philanthropic efforts of the toy industry.