Media Guidelines

  • Fall Toy Preview is not a media event.  The Toy Industry Association (TIA) does not actively promote this event to the media, maintain an on-site press room, or administer a formal media credentialing process. TIA will respond appropriately to media inquiries that are received.

  • Fall Toy Preview is open to the trade, including trade media. It is the choice of each exhibitor whether to accept media appointments (trade or other) during the show. Exhibitors are encouraged to check badges, ask questions about a publication or broadcast program, or request a card or credentials of reporters who are requesting permission to interview, photograph, or videotape persons or products in Fall Toy Preview exhibition space. 

  • Exhibitors who have arranged their own media appointments need to notify TIA.  Badges and access to the show floor for all media guests (excluding toy trade publications) must be arranged through a member of TIA’s communications team. Members of the media may be met and accompanied to their appointment by a representative of the TIA team.

    All special requirements – including live broadcasts, satellite feeds, cable and electrical hook ups – must be arranged and pre-approved in writing with Fall Toy Preview show management at least 48 hours prior to execution. TIA may limit at its sole discretion the locations, times, and subjects for video and audio recordings and photographs. 

  • Media exposure for current product lines (e.g., Holiday 2012) will not be solicited or supported by TIA. TIA will NOT facilitate media appointments in Dallas for products that will be available for retail during Holiday 2012. If an exhibiting organization is willing to discuss and show product on-camera that will be new for Holiday 2013, please provide a designated on-site point of contact (including name, e-mail and on-site phone number) to TIA’s communications team.  

    TIA will pass along a list of interested exhibitors to interested media representatives.  


TIA’s public relations team is available to help you in whatever ways we can.  Should you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact one of our team members for more information:

  • Adrienne Appell, TIA senior manager of public relations (646.520.4853 or (on-site) 646.207.3724) 
  • Stacy Leistner, TIA vice president of strategic communications (646.520.4858 or (on-site) 917.841.1231)

For on-site assistance, please stop by the Show Office on the 12th Floor of the World Trade Center.