TIA Advocates for National Toy Standards in Over 30 States

TIA has expanded its legislative advocacy efforts to over 30 states which have introduced almost 200 individual bills affecting the toy industry. Although not all of these states continue to actively pursue these bills, many still do, despite the fact that the federal government has enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, which preemptively regulates many of the state issues.

With the grassroots support of its members, TIA has seen a few states begin to outright reject the unscientific, non-risk based claims of those supporting various legislative proposals. TIA staff has also been able to work with other legislatures to amend legislation so it accounts for the realities of the industry and sets standards that are achievable and are risk based using sound science. Unfortunately, still other states have continued down the path of regulating at any cost without a true understanding of the needs or consequences.

Many state legislatures have ended their 2008 sessions, but some continue in session and others expect to reintroduce measures in 2009. TIA remains engaged in these states and will continue to testify before committees, meet with legislators and conduct grassroots efforts. TIA and its members are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to ensure the industry continues to be regulated by uniform national standards based on risk, using sound science.

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