Toy Safety: A Year-Round Commitment

Toy Industry Association™ (TIA) has represented toy manufacturers for 90 years and has taken a lead role in ensuring toy safety and safe play. This is TIA's top priority and we focus on it year-round.

Toy Safety Standards
Toy safety standards in the US - both federal regulations and the industry's voluntary standards - are widely used as models around the globe. TIA and its members have a long history of accomplishment and leadership in this area, including drafting of the first comprehensive toy safety standard in the 1970s. We continue to work closely with the federal government to strengthen the existing voluntary standards and to implement  the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA).

Toy Safety Practices
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is the independent federal agency that oversees the safety of 15,000 consumer products, including toys. It shares TIA's commitment to children and earmarks about half of its annual budget to ensuring the safety of children's products. Accordingly, toys sold in the United States are the most highly regulated and monitored in the world; and CPSC's annual report consistently lists toys among the safest of 15 common consumer product categories in the home. As part of the process of continuous improvement, TIA has supported the new legislation that makes testing mandatory. We also are working with CPSC as it develops the implementing regulations to ensure that the toys consumers buy conform to the strengthened standards.

To ensure safe play, parents need to do their part, too. Toys are manufactured and distributed with instructions as to proper usage, age appropriateness and safe play practices. Parents should read toy packaging carefully before making a purchase to ensure fun and safe play. Remember, there is no substitute for adult supervision.

Toy Safety Resources
The toy industry remains committed year-round to toy safety and the well-being of children. TIA provides families and caregivers important information about toys and safe play through this website and