The Genius of Play Invites Families to Play at Kings Food Markets

The Genius of Play & Kings Foods MarketsJuly 31, 2019 | The Genius of Play is bringing more play to families with a new pilot program that encourages kids to participate in a fun scavenger hunt while their parents shop. The program launched this week in East Coast grocery chain, Kings Food Markets.

“Retailers are a terrific avenue to help spread awareness about the developmental benefits of play,” said Anna Yudina, director of marketing initiatives at The Toy Association. “Our goal is to encourage Kings shoppers to see grocery shopping as an opportunity to get some play in their kids’ day while familiarizing these customers with The Genius of Play initiative.”

Parents who bring their kids to the select Kings locations will have the opportunity to play “Kings Kids Find the Food Game, brought to you by The Genius of Play,” a scavenger hunt that asks kids to find groceries of specific colors. The Genius of Play has provided Kings with window clings and store posters to promote the game; pins for store employees to wear, stickers for kids, as well as assets to promote the initiative on social media. The Genius of Play  launched the program in six Kings locations in New Jersey, with plans to add more in the coming weeks.

“The scavenger hunt is an activity parents can do with their kids while walking around with their shopping carts, and it is an easy program for staff to implement. We purposefully kept it simple and fun,” Yudina added. “The more we can engage kids and adults through hands-on play experiences, the more we can make a positive difference in local communities and teach parents, caregivers, and the public about the vital need for play.”

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