Ukraine Relief Campaign Partner Spotlight: KIDDISVIT

May 5, 2022 | The Toy Foundation (TTF) and global play community has raised more than $3.8 million in monetary and product donations that are being distributed to local Ukrainian and international nonprofit organizations to support their ongoing humanitarian efforts for Ukrainian refugees.

TTF is supporting KIDDISVIT, a 24-year-old Ukrainian toy company that immediately shifted its business into a volunteer organization to help thousands of children and families who left their homes for a safer place.

Hear directly from Pavel Ovchynnikov, CEO of KIDDISVIT and President of the Ukrainian Toy Association, about their continued efforts and need for support below:

KIDDISVIT is quickly and effectively supporting refugees within Ukraine in a number of ways, including:

  • Hosting 300 people per day in two shelters located in Dnipro and Voloske. Since the war, their team has hosted more than 1,600 people who receive sleeping accommodations, sanitary facilities, hot meals, humanitarian aid, medical supplies, toys, and diapers.
  • Evacuating 5,000+ refugees to safer areas. Their team is transporting thousands of children, women, senior citizens, and those with disabilities to safe and secure areas. It costs only $12 to save a life!
  • Delivering 7 tons of humanitarian aid to restive regions. Their team is purchasing essential items, including food, hygiene products, diapers and formula, in Dnipro to support local business and delivering it to families, orphans, armed forces, and hospitals. Each humanitarian kit costs only $25-$33.
  • Assembling & distributing 3,000+ food & hygienic kits. Their team is assembling food and hygienic kits for families in Dnipro and Voloske that last for two weeks. Each kit costs only $33, or $2.36 a day.

The resources available are decreasing as the need for support is rising. Miliary action around Dnipro is escalating and KIDDISVIT is continuing its efforts in full speed.

The Toy Foundation is continuing to collect monetary and product donations for Ukrainian children and families. For members of the play community interested in making a contribution, monetary donations can be made here and product donations can be made via this form. Members can also reach out directly to TTF’s Executive Director Pamela Mastrota or its Director of Development John Fistolera.

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