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First launched in 2010, the Toy Industry’s Political Action Committee (TOYPAC) combines contributions from individuals throughout the industry and directs this financial support to key federal policymakers. TOYPAC contributions provide the industry with additional opportunities to advance our priority messaging with key decision makers in both political parties and helps to elect legislators whose positions are aligned with the interests of our industry.

A list of frequently asked questions about TOYPAC can be accessed here.


TOYPAC is regulated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and state ethics committees around the country. The process of giving to the TOYPAC, as well as the disbursements to candidates, is fully transparent. TOYPAC is bipartisan and makes contributions based on what is in the best interest of the industry.

FEC regulations prohibit TOYPAC from accepting corporate contributions (and prohibit candidates from accepting corporate contributions as well). The regulations do allow us to accept voluntary personal contributions from individuals in the toy industry.  This allows the PAC to work to improve the environment in which TIA member businesses operate.

Contributing to TOYPAC

Member support of TOYPAC demonstrates that TIA has a strong grassroots network, effective leadership, and a committed membership. Given the strict laws governing the operation of a PAC, fundraising is a two-step process:

Step One

Give Prior Approval.
Companies must complete and return a Prior Approval Form, required by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). This form gives TIA permission to contact a designated number of your company’s personnel to ask for their financial contributions to TOYPAC. Completing the Prior Approval form does NOT obligate you or your employees to financially support TOYPAC. Typically owners, principals, managers, and other professional personnel may complete the form for your company. The individual who completes the Prior Approval Form should include the names and contact information for all company salaried exempt employees. Only individuals listed on the Prior Approval Form will be contacted. 

>>> Access the Online TOYPAC Prior Approval Form <<<

Step Two

TIA staff will reach out to individuals identified during the Prior Approval submittal process to provide additional information about TOYPAC and to seek donations. Contributions are completely voluntary and must be made with personal funds. TOYPAC can accept contributions of no more than $5,000 per calendar year per individual. Contributions to TOYPAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

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Contributions are disbursed as directed by the TOYPAC Board of Directors. 

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