Toy Industry Association (TIA) members are required to apply appropriate ethical standards in the factories used for the manufacture of toy products. Members declare compliance with the principles contained in the International Council of Toy industries (ICTI) Code of Business Practices and it is their intention in relation to toy products to have those products manufactured by factories that are in the ICTI CARE Process (ICP) or by factories that meet the requirements of i.) another recognized social compliance organization or ii.) another code of an equivalent or greater standard.

TIA was the first national toy association to require all of its member toy companies to participate in the ICTI CARE Process – a single, fair, thorough, and consistent program that monitors toy factories’ compliance with ICTI’s Code of Business Practices and promotes fair labor treatment and employee health and safety.  ICTI CARE remains the program of choice for the U.S. toy industry.

The ICTI CARE Process and strategies that support it offer benefits and opportunities to promote fair labor treatment and employee health and safety by: 

  • Promoting ethical manufacturing throughout the toy industry supply chain worldwide: i.e., fair labor practices and worker health and safety;
  • Working to eliminate child labor, forced labor, indentured workers, and other unethical hiring practices;
  • Improving the lives of 608,000 factory workers in more than 1,100 factories;
  • Increasing transparency of labor practices, including wages and working hours;
  • Employing market leverage to compel factories to comply;
  • Reducing the number and cost of multiple audits by multiple customers in each factory;
  • Serving as a recognized mechanism to certify ethical manufacturing; and,
  • Demonstrating the toy industry’s commitment to socially responsible business practices.

TIA is committed to ensuring that its members promote the safety and well-being of workers in toy factories in the following ways:

  • TIA new membership applications require that within 12 months of joining the Association, applicants source only from factories in the ICTI CARE Process or factories that meet the requirements of another recognized social compliance organization or another code of an equivalent or greater standard; and
  • Companies renewing their annual TIA membership are required to declare that their company supports ethical manufacturing standards under the ICTI CARE Process or another recognized social compliance organization.

In a continuing effort to educate toy brands, licensors and retailers about its programs to assure a healthy, safe and fair workplace environment for toy and juvenile products factory employees, the ICTI CARE Process recently conducted a FREE webinar for TIA members and non-member toy companies. See details about the webinar here.

For more information about the ICTI CARE Process, visit Learn more about TIA members’ commitment to ICP.

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