Aaron Muderick Honored by Community Nonprofit

October 24, 2022 | Aaron Muderick, founder & executive chairman of Crazy Aaron’s and chairperson of The Toy Association Board of Directors, was honored this past weekend at Baker Industries’ 41st Celebration Gala. The event took place October 22 and recognized Muderick for his company’s partnership with the Pennsylvania-based non-profit organization.

Baker Industries is a non-profit program that creates paid work opportunities, coaching, and training for individuals who are often sidelined from the workface due to disability, parole/probation, substance abuse recovery, and homelessness.

“Baker Industries is delighted to honor Aaron Muderick and Crazy Aaron’s for their partnership in creating a caring community,” said Rich Bevan, president of Baker Industries. “Crazy Aaron’s supports Baker’s mission in multiple ways. They generate weekly work orders to package and label Thinking Putty, providing dozens of our program participants with meaningful work. They hire high-performing Baker graduates into living wage jobs at their company. And, they generously support our fundraising efforts. They are a true community partner.”

“Baker Industries has time-proven methods of offering structure, training, and support to allow clients to achieve their potential through honest work,” Muderick said. “Whether individuals are intellectually disabled, recovering from substance abuse, or returning citizens looking to rebuild, Baker is there to support them with guidance and kindness. Crazy Aaron’s is proud to be a partner!”

Along with working with Baker Industries, Crazy Aaron’s supports its local community — and communities around the world — in additional ways. In May, the company donated special edition Thinking Putty care packages to local therapist offices and mental health non-profit organizations that serve the area. Earlier this year, Crazy Aaron’s also partnered with The Toy Foundation for a limited-edition Thinking Putty, with all proceeds donated to families impacted by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

“Crazy Aaron’s legacy of supporting workers who have been sidelined makes them a company that cares about people as much as profit,” Bevan continued. “We are proud to partner with Crazy Aaron’s to make our community stronger.”