Member Exclusive: Latest Trend Hunter Report Explores ‘Maker Culture’ Trends

October 11, 2023 | Toy Association members can now access a complimentary new Trend Hunter report that explores emerging trends in “maker culture,” including DIY activities, curated activity kits, subscription services, and more that are helping to make at-home consumption and engagement of goods much easier for consumers.

Some of the key trends and examples highlighted in this report include:

  • Baking & Decorating Kits — The trend of elevated baking and decorating kits is transforming ordinary moments in the kitchen into sharable experiences. Today's consumers crave more than just the final product — they want to take part in crafting the delectable treats they often admire in stores or on social media. This trend not only caters to the desire for hands-on creativity but also places a strong emphasis on shared experiences, particularly within the family setting. Corso’s Kids Book Bundle comes with an illustrated book and 16 individually wrapped cookies with art depicting characters from the story. After story time, families can use the Color-a-Treat markers to decorate their cookies. Another example is from Make Bake, which offers kid-friendly baking kits in addition to edible stickers, candy glass, and chocolate tattoos.
  • DIY Project Metaverses — The rise of DIY experiences has gone beyond the physical world, with some forward-thinking companies venturing into the metaverse to engage audiences in new and innovative ways. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of its Kids Workshops, Home Depot created a campaign on Roblox to reach an audience typically not associated with the store: kids. Within the metaverse, kids can grab ahold of tools to build their own creations like swing sets, treehouses, and pools.
  • Interactive Workshops — A rising trend is the emergence of interactive workshops that transcend geographical boundaries, uniting consumers from around the world in immersive and collaborative DIY classes. A standout example is LEGO's Play Unstoppable initiative, which is a series of workshops that are hosted by popular creatives like narrator Lauryn Alexandria, who guides viewers through building gaming worlds, and DIY expert Jessie Bluegrey, who teaches the art of self-expression. Each class encourages attendees to create meaningful connections through shared creativity.

This report is the latest in a series from Trend Hunter that is exclusive to Toy Association members. Trend Hunter reports offer in-depth perspectives and trends in various areas related to the toy industry and youth markets to help spark unique ideas. For additional relevant trends, members can click on the report’s consumer insights examples, scroll down, and click the images for further information. has accumulated nearly 3 billion views from more than 100 million visitors. The data research company helps clients “Dive Deeper,” “Work Smarter,” and “Save Effort” in order to increase the overall success of their companies and brands.