Our Staff


Our Leadership Team

Greg Ahearn
Greg Ahearn
President & CEO
Andy Keimach
Andy Keimach
Special advisor to the president & CEO
Adrienne Appell
Adrienne Appell
Executive vice president, marketing communications
Kimberly Carcone
Kimberly Carcone
Executive vice president, global market events
Ed Desmond
Ed Desmond
Executive vice president, global government & regulatory affairs
Kenneth Ebeling
Kenneth Ebeling
Executive vice president, strategic development & member services
Robert Heins
Robert Heins
Senior vice president, finance & administration
Jos Huxley
Jos Huxley
Senior vice president, technical affairs
Joan Lawrence
Joan Lawrence
Senior vice president, standards & regulatory affairs
Pamela Mastrota
Pamela Mastrota
Executive director, The Toy Foundation

Office of the President

Greg Ahearn
president & CEO
Andy Keimach
special advisor to the president & CEO
Angela Stanton-Weekes
executive assistant to the president

Finance & Administration

Robert Heins
SVP, finance & administration
Angela Oliveri
senior director, human resources & accounting
Tom Dachille
director, IT & facilities
Amy Lichtenstein
director, finance & accounting
Maryam Lie
senior accountant
Revatee Harriram
accountant ap/ar



Kenneth Ebeling
EVP, strategic development and member services
Bernadette Boyle
senior director, member services
Anne McConnell
senior director, market research & educational initiatives
Jennifer Roldan
manager, member services


Meetings & Events

Kimberly Carcone
EVP, global market events
Tim Knock
senior director, event marketing
Jackson Wong
senior director, event data & technology
Laura Mangiaracina
director, sales
Jackie Retzer
director, events management
Richard Chow
director, event technology & innovation
Stacy Liebensohn
senior account executive
Michael Lynch
account executive
Simon Yung
account executive
Emily Brown
event associate

Global Government & Regulatory Affairs

Edward Desmond
EVP, global government & regulatory affairs
Jos Huxley
SVP, technical affairs
Joan Lawrence
SVP, standards and regulatory affairs
Owen Caine
VP, government affairs
Erin Raden
senior director, state government affairs
Charlotte Hickcox
director, state government affairs


Marketing Communications

Adrienne Appell
EVP, marketing communications
Isabel Carrión
senior director, digital communications
Kristin Morency Goldman
senior director, strategic communications
Janis Zegman
senior manager, marketing projects
Tanyoka Williams-Hester
manager, digital communications
Jennifer Lynch
content developer
Maddie Michalik
assistant manager, content & digital communications

The Toy Foundation

Pamela Mastrota
executive director
John Fistolera
director, development
Erin Wright
manager, marketing communications


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