TOYPAC is the toy industry’s Political Action Committee, combining contributions from individuals and directing this financial support to key federal policymakers.

By contributing to TOYPAC, you will:

  • Provide the industry with opportunities to advance priority messaging across both political parties
  • Help elect legislators whose positions are aligned with the interests of the toy industry
  • Demonstrate that the Toy Association has a strong grassroots network, effective leadership, and a committed membership.

TOYPAC is regulated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and state ethics committees around the country. The process of giving to TOYPAC, as well as the disbursements to candidates, is fully transparent. TOYPAC is bipartisan and makes contributions based on the interests of the toy industry.

FEC regulations prohibit TOYPAC from accepting corporate contributions and prohibit candidates from accepting corporate contributions. The regulations do allow Toy Association to accept voluntary personal contributions from individuals in the toy industry. This allows TOYPAC to work to improve the environment in which Toy Association member businesses operate.

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