The Toy Association Statement on Cadmium and Heavy Metals

Toys* sold in the United States are prohibited from containing heavy metals or any other substances that can result in harmful exposure to children. By law, toy companies must ensure that their products comply with all relevant standards, regulations, and tests – including applicable heavy metal limits – before they can be sold in this country.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has confirmed the effectiveness of these safety requirements by conducting a review of the marketplace and finding that cadmium (and other heavy metals) are not an issue in toys.

Even so, as part of its ongoing efforts to continually enhance the U.S. toy safety standards, The Toy Association and its members led an effort in 2011 to add more stringent limits for heavy metals, such as cadmium, to its already comprehensive safety standards for toys. Safety is the toy industry’s top priority, and we are dedicated to ensuring the ongoing development and implementation of strict, risk-based safety requirements for toys.

*Note: Products such as children’s jewelry, apparel, shoes, backpacks or other children’s accessories are not considered toys. These products are produced by other industries and, in some cases, subject to other requirements.

This statement was reaffirmed by The Toy Association in September 2023.