President's Letters

As your Toy Association, we are committed to helping you prosper and grow amidst a rapidly changing toy and play landscape.

Our work on behalf of members is outlined by Steve Pasierb, Toy Association president & chief executive, in his regularly published President’s Letters.

President’s Letter: Service Remains Strategic in 2021

Toy Association President & CEO Steve Pasierb discusses how the Association plans to serve its members in the year ahead, even when so much remains unsettled around us.


President's Letter: Cool in a Crisis - Focused on the Possible

In his year-end address, Toy Association President & CEO Steve Pasierb discusses how 2020 challenged every aspect of our lives – yet, along with all the bad, came a heartening focus on family, connection, and human interaction. His letter takes a look back at some of the actions and innovations The Toy Association team, its board, and volunteer committees drove forward in spite of everything.


President's Letter: Toy Association Debunks False Claims About Toy Safety

While those of us in the toy industry know our deep commitment to safety, each November we inevitably see the release of “dangerous toy” lists from NGO groups. Toy Association President & CEO Steve Pasierb addresses how this year's lists do nothing more than create unnecessary fear in parents as the holiday season draws near.


President's Letter: Toy Association Aims to Bring Industry Back Together for Toy Fair NY in May 2021

Toy Association President & CEO Steve Pasierb discusses the Association's plans to bring the industry back together for Toy Fair New York 2021.


President’s Letter: Toy Fair Dallas and Toy Fair New York Postponed

While the trajectory of this October’s Toy Fair Dallas has long been known to our exhibitors and the buying community given ongoing pandemic developments in Texas, the postponement of that show to 2021 now meets the news that The Toy Association has elected to also postpone Toy Fair New York 2021.


President's Letter: Asia Update – COVID-19, China Shipping & Hong Kong Origin Marking

As toymakers and retailers head into the vital holiday selling season, The Toy Association’s President & CEO Steve Pasierb discusses how the Association and its External Affairs team continue to push back against myriad threats and address challenges to our members, including Intellectual Property theft, unnecessary government regulations around the world, the ongoing pandemic, barriers to trade, and the economic impacts of these issues.


President’s Letter: First Toy Fair Everywhere Market Week Delivers Vital Sales and Learning

Toy Association president & CEO Steve Pasierb recaps the successes of the first Toy Fair Everywhere market week and highlights events to look forward to in the August and September market weeks.


President's Letter: Pause & Reflect

Toy Association president & CEO Steve Pasierb addresses the Association’s embrace of yesterday’s “pause” of all media and what comes next.


President’s Letter: The Road Back for the Toy & Play Community

Toy Association President & CEO Steve Pasierb discusses how the Association is shifting its attention to what the future of the toy business may look like and how to master the challenges of 2020, 2021, and beyond.


COVID-19: Toy Association Actions to Support Members and Families Across North America

In this time of risk and uncertainty, The Toy Association team is fully mobilized to both proactively and responsively act to protect our members and the wider toy and play community, and to reach out to the parents and families we all serve. Toy companies are being hit with business restrictions and mandated closures, specialty retailers are striving to connect with customers, supply and distribution chains are disrupted, and families are searching for ways to keep children active and productively engaged in learning.