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Knowledge Is Power.

The Toy Association empowers members with the latest research and data on myriad topics impacting the global toy industry. Available exclusively to members, this cutting-edge information is derived from the Association’s expert staff and third-party consultancies. It is packed with actionable content.

Member Reports

Seize Market Opportunities. Toy Association members enjoy many benefits but perhaps one of the most useful is exclusive access to comprehensive research. Topics include: country-specific trends, global consumer perception and behavior, kids’ weekly activities and brand preferences, the value of play, and more.

Global market research

Tap into country-specific mindsets, assess kids’ activities, and determine global consumer trends.

Industry reports

Learn about wide-ranging global topics and how they impact your business.

Reading Room

White Papers

The Toy Association provides its members with exclusive and informative white papers written by the Association’s staff and third-party experts.