Credit Program


The Credit Program provides qualified Toy Association member manufacturers with unique resources and services including:


Credit Reports on thousands of retailers and wholesalers, Accounts Receivable Dashboard, Flash Alerts, Member Notes, and other tools accessible through the Toy Association Credit Interchange.

Credit Meetings

Credit meetings, both virtual and in-person, are held throughout the year for qualified credit, finance, and operations executives. Providing crucial insights, networking opportunities, and trade information, these meetings feature a “Review of Accounts” and expert-led sessions and interactive workshops covering a variety of topics pertinent to the challenges of the credit, collection, finance, and operations environment.

Next meeting: Thursday, May 16 – click here for more information.


Communication/networking/sharing among peers in the program, all who are fellow finance, credit, operations and logistics specialists within the toy industry.

Interested in joining the Credit Program? For more information, contact Bernadette Boyle.