The Toy Association Statement on Magnets in Toys

Strict federal toy safety standards prohibit the use of certain powerful magnets (known as rare earth magnets) in any toy part that is small enough to be swallowed and is intended for children under 14 years old.

While the U.S. government has restricted the use of such hazardous magnets in children’s toys, these magnets are sometimes found in executive/desk gifts and other non-toy items that are intended for adults and pose a safety risk if given to a child.

Recently, media reports and others have incorrectly referred to these adult magnetic products as “toys.” They are not toys – and are not appropriate for children. This is yet another reason why it is critically important to always choose age-appropriate products for kids and follow the age-grading information on toy packaging.

Rare earth magnets pose a serious risk to children if they are swallowed or inhaled. They should never be given to children of any age, since there have even been reports of older kids and teens using these types of magnets to unsafely simulate piercings in their mouths and noses. In the event of magnet ingestion or inhalation, medical treatment should be sought immediately.

This statement was updated by The Toy Association in November 2020.