Toy Association Unveils Updated Invaluable Inventors & Designers Resource Guide

October 23, 2018 | Looking to learn more about how to get your toy invention from an idea to marketable product? The Toy Association has made available on its website an updated version of its Toy Inventor & Designer Guide, a free pamphlet packed with information outlining every aspect of the creation process from idea to finished product.

The in-depth report highlights important tips to ensure a toy is successful, including information on how to gauge whether an idea is unique and marketable enough, cost-effective, safe, and legally protected. The guide also offers resources on how to enter the $27 billion U.S. toy industry; selling your idea/invention to a toy manufacturer; bringing your product to market; and lists organizations, and state and federal government agencies that are available to help inventors and designers.

“The inventor and designer community is at the heart of the toy industry and we offer wide-ranging business-building resources so that they can focus on creating and developing ideas that bring joy and wonderment to children everywhere,” said Ken Ebeling, executive vice president of strategic development and member services. “We encourage aspiring toymakers to join our Association to take advantage of additional value-added resources such as networking opportunities, Toy Fair discounts, exclusive resources, and assistance with industry advocacy.”

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