Coming Up: Learn the Tools to Identify Troubled Retailers (Webinar)

toy-association-risk-assessment-webinarSeptember 19, 2019 | Are you a toy company looking to better protect your business? Learn which risk assessment tools are right for you and how to identify troubled retailers in The Toy Association’s upcoming webinar, taking place Thursday, September 26 at 2 p.m. (Eastern).

"Protect Your Business: Using Risk Assessment Tools to Identify Troubled Retailers" helps attendees better mitigate their risk exposure and take proactive measures to minimize loss of capital. Attendees will gain the tools needed to engage troubled retailers in discussions early on and well before operational problems accelerate.

The session will be presented by Albert Furst, chief operating officer at Creditntell, a retail credit consulting firm monitoring public and private retailers across several sectors. The webinar will be moderated by Paul Vitale, executive vice president of finance and operations at The Toy Association.

All toy manufacturers are invited to attend this webinar, though it is specifically recommended for those in credit, finance, and risk operations. Registration is free for Toy Association members and $49 for non-members.