What You Need to Know About Toy Fair Everywhere

toy-fair-everywhereMay 12, 2020 | Members of the toy community are adapting to an uncertain world as they prepare for the all-important fourth quarter – and The Toy Association has created Toy Fair Everywhere to help. A recent webinar outlining the ins and outs of the upcoming series of virtual market weeks is now available online and answers frequently asked questions about the platform.

"As we collectively navigate the pandemic and its impact on our personal and professional lives, The Toy Association is well-poised to deliver an immediate solution for sellers and buyers gearing up for Q4 sales,” said Marian Bossard, executive vice president of global market events at The Toy Association. “The webinar explores Toy Fair Everywhere’s ability to provide exhibitors with custom experiences and unlimited possibilities to promote their products; leverage real-time analytics; and connect with global buyers – some of who would not otherwise be able to make the trip to an in-person event.”

Toy Fair Everywhere levels the playing field – there is no limit to booth availability and all showrooms are created equal, giving companies of all sizes and types the same opportunities to:

  • showcase their products and bring them to life through digital experiences,
  • fully control who can access catalogs and pricing, and
  • reset product assortments for each of the three market weeks.

Current challenges at retail are also addressed via the platform, as it allows toymakers to:

  • reengage with existing accounts and set up video/chat meetings directly in their digital showrooms,
  • update stores on product shipping and availability, and
  • keep track of visitor analytics (such as who has entered their showroom) for business-generating follow-ups.

The platform also features a built-in social media feed to help forge new connections or offer up-to-the-minute alerts on products.

On May 26, the Toy Fair Everywhere platform will allow exhibitors to begin setting up their digital showrooms for the kickoff of the first of the three Toy Fair Everywhere market weeks, which will be held July 13 to 19, August 17 to 23, and September 14 to 20.

Companies looking to set themselves up for a successful back half of the year are encouraged to learn more by viewing the webinar.

Toymakers can participate in all three market weeks for a flat rate of $650. The rate to participate in two market weeks (August and September only) is $500. For exhibitor inquiries, please contact The Toy Association’s Stacy Liebensohn. For all other Toy Fair Everywhere questions, participants can contact The Toy Association’s Marian Bossard and Kimberly Carcone, or visit toyfaireverywhere.com for more information.