How to Get Noticed By Influencers: Q&A with Clamour about Spring & Summer 2021 Influencer Choice List

Clamour-Influencer Choice ListApril 9, 2021 | The Toy Association and Clamour recently announced an open call for toy companies to submit their products for the Spring & Summer 2021 Influencer Choice List. This unique opportunity will allow toy brands to have their products seen and voted on by top-tier influencers in the Clamour network for a chance to be revealed as the influencers’ top toy and game picks for spring and summer 2021. Toy News Tuesday editors recently chatted with Clamour CEO & Co-Founder, Jonathan Katz, about what it means to make this exclusive list – and how to get noticed by influencers.

TNT: Can you tell us a bit about the types of influencers in your network, their reach, and why their opinions and votes matter?

JK: Over the past eight years, we've been working closely with the most popular and beloved kids & family creators producing content on YouTube. Our network has organically grown around the safe educational creator spaces we foster, cultivating deep relationships with over 2,000 digital influencers who reach billions of viewers with their content monthly. These creators are extremely passionate about the content they create and ensuring that it is valuable and meaningful to their audiences. Our family creators have worked hard to build trust with their audiences and understand that their opinions on products carry a lot of weight with their fans. They want to maintain that credibility by only endorsing the best.

TNT: How can companies make the most of this opportunity and make sure they get noticed by influencers when submitting their products for a chance to appear on the list?

JK: For the Influencer Choice list, the focus is all on the product. As long as companies submit all the necessary information to help showcase what their product does, who it is for, and the benefits it delivers the creators will be empowered with everything they need to consider it for review. All companies who submit products are on the same playing field and every year a broad range of major brands, mid-size veterans, and innovative startups score wins among our community. There isn’t a way for any one company to gain an advantage which we feel is really important to ensure the fairness and honesty of the results.

TNT: When and how will the Spring & Summer 2021 Influencer Choice List be announced?

JK: The deadline for submissions is April 23 and the review period will take place at the beginning of May. We will be revealing the official list on May 19, just as school is beginning to wind down and families are starting to plan for summer. It will be the perfect opportunity for consumers to get a glimpse of the key toys and games they should consider adding to their summer vacation plans.

The deadline for submissions for the Spring & Summer 2021 Influencer Choice List is April 23, 2021 at midnight (Eastern).The cost to nominate a product is $199 for Toy Association members and $249 for non-members. There is a fee of $149 for each additional product submitted by the same company.

For more information about the Spring & Summer 2021 Influencer Choice List powered by Clamour, contact Clamour’s Victoria Fener or Jonathan Katz.