In the News: Toy Association Team Talks Trends, TOTYs, Shipping, & Safety

November 30, 2021 | The Toy Association’s Adrienne Appell, senior vice president of marketing communications, joined The Toronto Star’s “This Matters” podcast on November 22 to discuss how kidults have helped drive toy sales throughout the year.

The podcast represents one of the latest media appearances by Toy Association staff, who continue to be out front in the news promoting the products and work of member companies.

While Appell shared her perspective on a few of the different factors that have fueled the rise of the “kidult” consumer trend, Association spokespeople have also been sharing insights with leading news outlets across the country on everything from trends to the ’22 Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards, including two recent segments on ABC7 Chicago and WGN Chicago that highlighted TOTY finalists.

“The holidays are the most important selling season for our industry even amidst an ongoing global shipping crisis, and it’s important that we take every opportunity we can get to help share the exciting products of our members in the context of the top trends we’ve been talking about throughout the year,” said Appell. “While the trends team may already have its eyes on some exciting new trends to talk about in 2022, the year isn’t over yet and there are a lot of innovative toys that shoppers need to get their hands on before they sell out!”

As the holiday season kicks into full gear, the Association has also been advocating heavily for members impacted by supply chain disruptions and spreading awareness about fake toys lurking online. Members of The Toy Association’s external affairs team appeared on NewsNation and NY1 to discuss the dangers of counterfeit toys last week, while president & CEO Steve Pasierb joined Cronkite News to share his insights on toy shortages and reiterate the importance shopping early this year.

Toy Association members interested in learning more about the Association’s year-round trends work and ongoing advocacy for toy safety are invited to contact the communications team for more information.