Toy Fair Everywhere Opens for Year-Round Business on Feb. 13

tfeFebruary 8, 2021 | Toy Fair Everywhere, The Toy Association’s digital platform connecting buyers and sellers who want to grow their business, will officially open its year-round doors to buyers this Saturday, February 13 at

“Typically, we’d be preparing to gather for Toy Fair New York this Saturday but with the normal calendar of Q1 live events and buying trips cancelled, Toy Fair Everywhere is ready and in place to serve as the go-to digital source for product discovery and purchase no matter where you are,” said Kimberly Carcone, vice president of market events at The Toy Association.

At launch, Toy Fair Everywhere will showcase leading brands to global buyers, including DJECO, Fat Brain Toys, National Sporting Goods, Savvi, The Loyal Subjects, Eeboo, and others.

The platform’s year-round model will continue to provide buyers with the same no-cost, limitless opportunities to shop leading toy brands, discover new suppliers, and schedule one-on-one product demonstrations and meetings as it did during the original Toy Fair Everywhere 2020 summer market weeks. Toy Fair Everywhere also continue to allow buyers to place orders directly with sellers and will be continually updated in response to user needs and demands.

For more information on securing a digital showroom, companies A-F and T-Z may contact Simon Yung, and companies G-S may contact Stacy Liebensohn. For information on visiting Toy Fair Everywhere, please contact