New Toy Fair Programming: Learn about the Metaverse and its Impact on Play

metaverseNovember 2, 2021 | The Toy Association has partnered with The Virtual Events Group (VEG) founder Robin Raskin to host a new “Welcome to the Metaverse” pavilion at Toy Fair New York 2022 that will invite show attendees to learn about the emerging space of interconnected virtual communities where people are coming together for business and play.

As an extension of the Javits Center’s Theatre on Three, which will serve as the hub for Toy Fair’s educational programming, the pavilion will host multiple 20-minute sessions over the four-day show that cover a range of topics tied to the idea of the metaverse. Topics will include how influencers, virtual showrooms, and augmented and virtual reality can be used to discover trends; how to build an NFT brand strategy; how experiential retail can help put brands front and center; and how the next generation of kids are playing in the metaverse. Speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

“The digitalization of physical things will be the most important aspect of the new Web 3.0,” said Raskin. “The metaverse, as it’s called, will allow brands to create digital explorations, adventures, and engagements to both extend and monetize their brands. It creates a new universe of possibility for the toy industry. Join us as we explore!”

Added Kimberly Carcone, senior vice president of global market events at The Toy Association: “Today, there are more opportunities than ever for brands to move beyond the physical world and make a lasting virtual impression. Whether it’s a runway show in the world of Animal Crossing, a virtual Roblox concert attended by millions of fans, or a new cartoon funded entirely by NFTs, the digital and physical worlds are melding together and presenting opportunities for the greater play community. We are excited to provide Toy Fair participants with an extensive look inside this new space.”

Toy Fair New York will take place from Saturday, February 19 through Tuesday, February 22, 2022 in New York City. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be required to attend the 2022 show, in accordance with the Javits Center and NYC-mandated proof of vaccination for indoor activity guidelines. Complete details on registration, educational programming, hotel reservations, and more can be found at