2022 U.S. Toy Industry Economic Impact Reports Now Available

June 8, 2022 | The Toy Association’s National Economic Impact Report for 2022 along with reports for individual states are now available.

According to the national report, the toy industry now has a $102.4 billion annual total economic impact on the U.S. economy, generating $41.5 billion in state and federal tax revenue each year. The estimated 3 billion toys sold annually in the U.S. generate approximately $38.2 billion in retail toy sales. The report also highlights how the industry is supporting American jobs and keeping production in the U.S.

“Toy Association members are invited to take advantage of this critical data, which highlights how they are helping fuel the U.S. economy,” said Anne McConnell, senior director of market research & data strategy at The Toy Association. “For companies looking to grow their businesses, the state-by-state reports may also offer provide new insights for their operations.”

Members can access them through The Toy Association’s website.