New Toy Fair Everywhere Toy Buying Events Begin in March

tfeFebruary 25, 2022 | Toy and children’s product manufacturers looking for new ways to get their products on shelves are invited to participate in Toy Fair Everywhere’s new targeted product category events.

“In 2020 and 2021, the series of Toy Fair Everywhere market weeks successfully connected hundreds of sellers with buyers focused on specific product categories within critical selling timeframes,” said Kimberly Carcone, senior vice president of global market events at The Toy Association. “And with more than 3,000 buyers from 80+ countries having previewed and shopped Toy Fair Everywhere since launch, the platform continues to offer sellers a convenient way to tap into new markets around the world for their products.”

March 21 kicks off the first month long spotlight on Outdoor Play and Sporting Goods sellers, focusing on products available for purchase by Memorial Day. Subsequent category market events planned through November include: Arts & Crafts (beginning April 18), Games & Puzzles (beginning May 16), Learning & Educational/School Supplies (beginning June 13), Infant and Preschool (beginning July 11), Apparel & Accessories, Costumes, Pretend & Role Play (beginning August 8), Dolls & Plush (beginning September 5), Gifts, Collectibles & Novelty (beginning October 5), and Licensed Brands (beginning October 31).

In addition, the year-round platform will highlight products tied to other key celebrations, including a month-long focus on female-owned businesses for Women’s History Month in March, sustainable and eco-friendly toys for Earth Day in April, and Made in America products in advance of the Fourth of July.

Each market event will spotlight new products, brands, and sellers with special, limited-time offers.

More information on these upcoming Toy Fair Everywhere opportunities can be found on the Toy Fair Everywhere website. Prospective sellers are also invited to request a demo to see how Toy Fair Everywhere can help support their business.