Sustainability Spotlight: Adventerra Games

April 26, 2022 | As The Toy Association continues to track sustainability trends in the toy industry, it is highlighting the sustainability initiatives its member companies are putting into action. This week’s Sustainability Spotlight is on Adventerra Games, best known for its eco-friendly games for kids.

A family-owned company based in Switzerland, Adventerra Games was founded in 2009 by Bryan Mundell who wanted to put his experience as a conservation advocate, professor, and father to use to create a game line that would offer kids a gentle introduction to important environmental issues in a fun and engaging way.

Since launching, and moving into the North American market in 2019, the company has put out games for preschoolers and children ages 7 and up that tackle issues ranging from global warming to clean energy, and expanded its offerings to introduce eco-conscious habits about conservation and recycling to even younger audiences, toddlers ages 2 and up.

Beyond the environmental issues baked into each of its games, sustainability has been part of the brand’s DNA since the beginning. Even before ‘green toys’ were trending, Adventerra Games was using eco-friendly and plastic-free materials with plant-based inks and sustainable wood and paper to produce its games and seeking out responsible partners to source its materials. All its production partners adhere to its green standards and ensure a minimal carbon footprint and a positive impact on the planet. It also keeps production close to home, manufacturing in Europe for the European market and in North America for the North American market.

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