Sustainability Spotlight: Crazy Aaron’s

February 28, 2022 | As The Toy Association continues to track sustainability trends in the toy industry, it is highlighting the sustainability initiatives member companies are putting into action. This week’s Sustainability Spotlight is on Crazy Aaron’s, creator of Thinking Putty and other popular play compounds,

Crazy Aaron’s is continually evaluating raw materials for their upstream and downstream environmental impacts, which in turn informs material choices for new products. Every year the company replaces legacy ingredients with more eco-friendly alternatives, such as replacing micro-plastic components with more biodegradable options.

Recognizing a hole in the market for a play dough made entirely of natural ingredients (including packaging), Crazy Aaron’s began manufacturing Land of Dough, which is among its newest sustainably designed product lines. The line uses natural ingredients sustainably sourced upstream with a downstream impact at the end of the product’s life that’s more similar to food waste (compostable) than to plastics (incinerator or landfill). The line also features eco-friendly paper packaging and signature wood play tools sourced using sustainable forestry practices.

Furthering its efforts to minimize its environmental impact, Crazy Aaron’s is keeping its production 100% Made in the USA. Crazy Aaron’s domestically sources its raw materials and manufactures its products at its Norristown, PA headquarters, which are 100% wind powered and rely on a heating system that uses landfill gases.

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