Sustainability Spotlight: hand2mind

May 17, 2022 | As The Toy Association continues to track sustainability trends across the industry, it is highlighting the environmental commitments of members. This week’s Sustainability Spotlight is on hand2mind, best known for its educational toys tackling everything from math to science, literacy, and social-emotional development.

In 2021, hand2mind’s product development team recognized the opportunity to tackle a subject that has often been neglected in the toy space—teaching kids about recycling and sustainability in an age-appropriate, accessible way. But its product developers knew that they couldn’t simply teach about sustainability; the products also needed to be sustainably produced. This led to new partnerships throughout the company’s supply chain to manufacture safe, engaging products made from fully recycled or recyclable components.

This year, these efforts resulted in the introduction of a new product line featuring components made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. hand2mind’s first product in the line, Recycling & Conservation Pattern Block Puzzle Set, helps children learn the basics of recycling and conservation through 20 hands-on activities and an included activity guide featuring tips on how to live a more sustainable life such as using less water and donating gently used toys and clothing. Other new sets in the line teach kids about changing seasons and weather patterns, as well as how different types of wildlife contribute to sustainability and our environment.

“Sustainability can be a very intimidating topic for young children, so it was important to us that we found a fun, interactive way to help children understand sustainability,” said Elana Woldenberg, Senior Director of Product Development at hand2mind. “We also felt it was important to truly commit to sustainability by building out our internal initiatives and evolving as a company. This effort has truly blossomed within our company in many ways.”

In addition to the new line, hand2mind launched a Sustainability Task Force to help drive more sustainable practices for its employees and its business. The company has also started an ongoing dialogue with its supply chain partners to continue to create even more eco-friendly products.

“We’re excited about expanding our focus on sustainability in our company and our products for many years to come,” added Woldenberg.

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