Sustainability Spotlight: Wild Environmental Science

sustainability-spotlightMarch 22, 2022 | As The Toy Association continues to track sustainability trends across the industry, we are highlighting the initiatives member companies are putting into action and the products that demonstrate their commitment to environmental issues. This week’s Sustainability Spotlight is on the Wild Environmental Science brand, a range of environmentally focused STEM toys created by the Taiwanese toymaker Tree Toys and distributed by Toy Association member company Learning Advantage in the U.S.

Developed more than two decades ago, the Wild Environmental Science brand started as a collaboration between Tree Toys and science and educational experts to develop top-tier creative learning resources for home use, while tackling real-world environmental issues through fun child-centered, hands-on product. Today, the line explores critical environmental issues, including environmental degradation; how to feed people in arid conditions; air, soil, and water pollution; environmental forensics; and even the challenges of colonizing other planets through activities that are age-appropriate and in real-world contexts.

“To face the environmental challenges of climate change and global resource management, the world needs a science-literate society,” said Jenny Lynch, a scientist and member of the brand's product development team. “We need people who have an interest and basic understanding of science so they can make informed decisions about a whole range of topics that affect their lives and the wider community, including technology, medicine, and sustainability. The Wild Environmental Science range gives children authentic hands-on experiences with real science to build their enjoyment and appreciation for science.”

In addition to producing a line that centers on the environment, Wild Environmental Science also embodies its commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of its products by maintaining, reviewing, and constantly improving its systems and environmental performance. The brand also adheres to the guidelines set by globally recognized standards management systems such as the Forest Stewardship Council, ICTI Ethical Toy Program, and others.

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