Sustainability Spotlight: Wild Republic

March 29, 2022 | As The Toy Association continues to track sustainability trends across the industry, it is highlighting the environmental commitments of members. This week’s Sustainability Spotlight is on Wild Republic and its range of environmentally focused plush, Message from the Planet.

Founded on the vision to help animals and humans live in peace by driving sustainability through technology and innovation, Wild Republic renewed its corporate social responsibility strategy in 2019 with a “Promise to the Planet” to lessen its carbon footprint by reducing, reusing, and sourcing sustainable products. The company has continued to make strides toward this goal by converting its production processes to eliminate single-use plastics and include reusable and biodegradable packaging, phthalate-free non-toxic materials, and fully sustainable resources.

The company’s newest plush collection, Message from the Planet, is one of the latest examples of how Wild Republic is staying true to this commitment while also “giving a voice to the voiceless” animals around the world. Each Message from the Planet plush animal is designed to inspire conservation and teach children about sustainability by depicting actual messages that they can see, read, and say to learn how they can help keep an eye on the planet. For example, the Message from the Planet plush rhino features colorful pop graphics coupled with messages like “Protect all wildlife!” A portion of the proceeds from Message from the Planet is also being donated to ocean clean-up efforts.

In addition to the messaging tied to this range, each plush is made 100-percent from recycled water bottles, including the plastic eyes.

To learn more about Wild Republic, including information about its partnerships with conservation organizations, visit

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