Sustainability Spotlight: Learning Resources, Educational Insights, & hand2mind

playfoam naturals by educational insightsJune 1, 2023 | As The Toy Association continues to track sustainability trends across the industry, it is highlighting members’ environmental commitments and green initiatives. This week’s Sustainability Spotlight focuses on Learning Resources, Educational Insights, and hand2mind.

When it comes to educational toys, Learning Resources, Educational Insights, and hand2mind are raising the bar and lowering their carbon footprint. With each brand’s products designed to last and an innovative approach to packaging, this family of companies is proving that going eco-friendly doesn't mean sacrificing educational value.

Each company constantly evaluates its portfolio to incorporate elements of sustainability, including reducing packaging size, eliminating single-use plastic, and using FSC-certified packaging and recycled plastic where possible. While Learning Resources will expand its range of environmentally-friendly product offerings starting next year, current examples include hand2mind’s Recycling and Conservation Pattern Block Puzzle Set and Tactile Turtles Math Activity Set, which are made with 100% recycled plastic and teach environmental concepts.

Educational Insights has also transformed its product packaging into play elements that limit waste and add value. The Design & Drill Bolt Buddies product line, including the Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Crane and Bulldozer, inspires kids to use the box as part of their play to expand their imagination. In addition, Educational Insights’ Playfoam product line offers an eco-friendly twist with Playfoam Naturals — a plant-based, non-toxic learning compound that enables preschoolers to engage in fun, sensory learning while reducing waste ins landfills.

“Sustainability in the toy industry is very important, as is teaching kids the importance of making earth-friendly choices,” said Sari Winick, chief marketing officer of Learning Resources and hand2mind. “Our family of companies factors in eco-friendly decisions, from product creation and design to manufacturing, packaging and shipping, as well as considering evergreen play patterns to extend the usefulness and life of every toy we sell. This is a commitment we make to the families who buy our products and future generations understanding that there are so many ways to be kind to the planet, and they can start building that awareness with our products.”

Along with their ongoing sustainability practices, Learning Resources, Educational Insights, and hand2mind have supported more than 35 charities and donated millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of toys to children in need through local and non-profit organizations, and various private and public schools nationwide.

To learn more about the family of brands and their eco-friendly initiatives, visit each company’s website: Learning Resources, Educational Insights, and hand2mind.

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