Toy Association Advocates for Members’ Interests as FTC 'Green Guides' Come Under Review

shopping-cart-covered-in-vinesFebruary 2, 2023 | The Toy Association is preparing to submit comments that address members’ priorities related to the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) "Green Guides," which are currently under review by the agency. Toy manufacturers that label or market toys, games, or other products as environmentally friendly may be impacted by changes to the guidelines and are encouraged to contact The Toy Association by March 1 so that their concerns are included in the Association’s comments as it advocates on behalf of the industry. Feedback may be sent to Jennifer Gibbons, senior vice president of government affairs.

The FTC plans to take a fresh look at its Green Guides and analyze the continued need for them, their economic impact, their interaction with other environmental regulations, and how they relate to consumer perception of “green” claims. The agency is also looking for guidance on carbon offset and renewable energy claims and defining terms such as “recyclable,” “recycled content,” “compostable,” “sustainable,” and more.

The Green Guides were created to help marketers avoid making environmental marketing claims that are deceptive to consumers; the FTC seeks to update the guides based on increasing consumer interest in buying such products. The Green Guides were first issued in 1992 and were revised in 1996, 1998, and, most recently, in 2012.

Members may reach out to The Toy Association’s Jennifer Gibbons with any questions on this topic.