Sustainability Spotlight: Playmobil

playmobil-juniorApril 15, 2024 | As The Toy Association™ continues to track sustainability trends across the industry, it is highlighting toy companies’ environmental commitments and green initiatives. This week’s Sustainability Spotlight is on Playmobil.

Global toy manufacturer Playmobil is shaping a more sustainable world, one playset at a time.

At the heart of the company’s sustainability efforts lies a firm commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. The Horst Brandstätter Group, Playmobil’s parent company, has set an ambitious goal to achieve climate neutrality by 2027. To realize this vision, Playmobil is investing in renewable energy sources, particularly in solar and wind power.

Already, significant strides have been made in curbing emissions. By 2021, more than 85 percent of The Horst Brandstätter Group had achieved climate neutrality. Moreover, 99 percent of the electricity utilized by the group is sourced from green energy.

But sustainability at Playmobil goes beyond carbon emissions. Water conservation is a key focus area, with initiatives like investing in water treatment and rainwater collection systems to meet production needs. For instance, one of the company’s plants in Malta, a country with low rainfall, has implemented measures that have resulted in significant water savings.

Looking ahead, Playmobil aims to establish a closed material cycle in production by 2030, ensuring that all products are 100 percent reused. From the use of recycled materials derived from discarded appliances to the development of packaging designed for reusability, the innovative production process generates minimal waste.

One notable aspect of Playmobil's sustainability strategy is reducing the use of synthetic substances in its products. Playmobil is leading the way with lines like Wiltopia, Organic Farm, and World of Horses, which are made from more than 80 percent recycled and bio-based plastics. The company is continuously expanding these sustainable product ranges, with plans to introduce new themes such as Tiny House and Dinos later this year.

“After successfully establishing several classic product lines to now use recycled and bio-based plastics, converting the production of our toddler line is another important step on our ambitious sustainability agenda,” said Bahri Kurter, CEO of Playmobil.

Earlier this year, the company introduced its rebranded Playmobil Junior collection; the toddler line is now crafted from plastics derived from raw materials that are at least 90 percent plant-based. Not only are the playsets eco-friendly, but the packaging also utilizes at least 90 percent recycled cardboard and 100 percent recycled paper, further minimizing environmental impact.

As Playmobil continues its journey towards sustainability, the message is clear: responsible action today shapes a better tomorrow. Click here to learn more about The Horst Brandstätter Group’s eco-friendly initiatives.

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