The Toy Association™ Alerts Industry of Producer Registration Deadline for New Packaging EPR Laws

toy blocks spelling EPRApril 4, 2024 | Producer responsibility organization (PRO) Circular Action Alliance (CAA) has announced a July 1, 2024, registration deadline for producers that sell, import, or distribute products in California, Colorado, and Oregon. PROs are responsible for helping states implement their extended producer responsibility (EPR) laws for paper and packaging, and for helping producers meet their compliance obligations. CAA is the single PRO approved to implement California and Colorado laws and is expected to be the single PRO in Oregon.

Olivia Barker from CAA provided The Toy Association’s Environmental Sustainability Committee with an update on April 2, discussing the latest work by CAA and encouraging meeting participants to register by the deadline. To comply with packaging EPR laws in California, Colorado, or Oregon, any company considered to be a producer must register with CAA, unless the company qualifies for an exemption under one or more state laws or intends to submit an individual compliance plan.

CAA’s registration process meets the requirements proposed under Colorado’s draft rules and is registering producers across multiple states aligned to this deadline. This process will ensure that producers receive upcoming reporting guidance and have adequate time to prepare internal tracking systems before submitting packaging data in all three states.

Members are invited to contact The Toy Association’s Erin Raden, senior director of state government affairs, with any questions or for more information.