Discovery Hunt

(for ages 3+)


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Camera

Recipe for Playful Learning!

Outdoors, indoors or any room in the house - kids love scavenger hunts!

STEP 1: Depending on your location, make a list of items for the hunt.

STEP 2: Share the list with your kids and give them a time limit.

STEP 3: Upon discovery of each item, have the kids check it off their list and then have them take a picture of each found item with a camera.

STEP 4: Later on, print out the pictures and help your kids create a photo album of their “finds” labeling each picture.


  • Discover a bug
  • Identify 2 kinds of rocks
  • Find 3 varieties of flowers
  • Look up and see 4 different shaped clouds
  • Spot 5 different animals or birds


  • Find red food in the kitchen
  • Identify a blue item in the bathroom
  • Discover a square shaped thing in the living room
  • Locate a fuzzy animal in the bedroom
  • Look for a clock in the basement

Skills to Practice: Observation, Natural Science, Recording