Do You Hear What I Hear?

(for ages 3 - 4)


  • Blindfold or sleeping mask (optional)
  • Markers
  • White board or poster board

Prep Time:

  • None

Recipe for Fun!

Draw a picture of an open eye and a closed eye on a white board or poster board. Ask the child why hearing is an important sense. List other senses (touch, sight, taste, smell) that are used to interpret surroundings. Ask the child to tell you what he hears and list suggestions under “With the Eyes Open” column. (You might want to do this activity outside.) Have the child close his eyes or put on a sleep mask or blindfold. Instruct him to remain silent and listen for one or two minutes. Ask the child (eyes still closed) to tell you what he hears. Write his comments under the “With Eyes Closed” column. Compare the two lists: Did he hear better when his eyes were closed? Why does he think this happened? Talk about the importance of listening to sounds around us.