Puzzle Storytime

(for ages 3+)


  • Age appropriate jigsaw puzzle

Recipe for Playful Learning!

Working a jigsaw puzzle uses both the right side (creativity) and the left side (logic) of the brain.

STEP 1: Choose a puzzle with a lot going on. The more animals, characters, and activities happening in the scene, the better!

STEP 2: At the start, begin telling a story. The story should relate to the puzzle itself, so make sure the picture on the puzzle box is close by.

STEP 3: Each time you or your child finds a puzzle piece that fits, they get to take over the story, building on it from the last person. Encourage your child to use a lot of descriptive details to gradually add to the story so it continues for a long time. This will keep them engaged as they are searching for puzzle pieces.

STEP 4: After a certain amount of time (or when you are done with the puzzle for the day), recap the story to remind your child where you’ve left off. You can also encourage your child to end the story and start thinking of a new one for when you continue working on the puzzle at another time.

Skills to Practice: Storytelling, Speaking, Imagination