Sticky Fingers


  • Clear contact paper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Variety of items (pieces of wrapping or colored construction paper, ribbon, felt, bows, leaves)
  • Portable lap desk/tray table (to be used with Schedule Boosters)

Step by Step Fun!

This is a fun way to make window sensory art! Tape a piece of clear contact paper onto the window with the sticky side away from the glass (facing out) and have fun collecting or making assorted items and sticking them to the paper.

Activity Alternatives:

  • For children who have decreased hand/finger strength: Support gains in strength by having them crumple and/or rip pieces of colored paper prior to placing them.
  • For children working on language: Discuss the objects placed on the contact paper and talk about similarities and differences between the objects used.

Schedule Booster:

  • Take this on the go: Use a portable tray table and easily bring this activity to waiting rooms, doctor’s appointments, sibling sport events, or anywhere your child needs to sit and be occupied.

Challenge Boosters:

  • Turn this activity into a throwing game by placing the sticky paper onto a wall or safe vertical surface (remember to use painters’ tape to prevent damage). Crumple construction paper into balls and toss them at the sticky target.
  • Increase whole body strength and balance by squatting to retrieve the object by standing on a wobbly surface while bending down to retrieve the items from the floor before placing them (i.e., large pillow, couch cushion, bean bag).

Benefits of Play:

  • Core strengthening. A strong core is necessary for stability, posture, and movement.
  • Hand strengthening. Strengthen these muscles while crumpling and tearing the paper.
  • Sensory processing. Challenge boosters promote processing of touch, movement, and body position sensory input.