Time’s Up!


  • Mechanical kitchen timer that makes a sound for each second

Prep Time:

  • 5 minutes

Recipe for Fun!

Hide the kitchen timer inside or outside (within an enclosed yard) and have your child search for it by listening for the sound. Once she finds it, switch roles so she can hide it and you have to find it.


Sound localization is one of the fundamental perceptual abilities that enable us to communicate, and to keep ourselves safe. This helps kids learn how to:

  • Focus on a particular sound and tune out ambient or extraneous sounds.
  • Problem solve by determining what the sound is, where it is coming from, and how they can locate it.


Alter the challenge to accommodate the unique needs and abilities of your child.

  • For an easier time: Hide it in plain sight such as in front of a cushion on the couch, on the bottom shelf of a bookshelf, or within reach, such as under one of three boxes in front of the child.
  • For extended challenge: Hide the timer in a different room or floor of the house or hide it in a different place outside (within an enclosed yard and with direct supervision).

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