Who Needs a Shave?


  • Foam shaving cream
  • Plastic tray or rimmed cookie sheet
  • Optional: food color or washable tempera paint

Prep Time:

  • 5 minutes

Recipe for Fun!

Place the shaving cream on the tray and smear it around to cover the area. Kids can use their fingers to draw and write by making marks in the shaving cream. Simply wipe over your design with your hand to erase and start a new creation. Add dollops of food coloring or paint and have the children mix the colors during play.


  • Cause and effect. Mixing of colors is a very early science experiment that can be used to learn cause and effect relationships.
  • Finger isolation and control. Drawing helps kids use one isolated finger, which is important for pointing and choice making. It also strengthens the skills needed for iPads and touchscreens. For lots of kids, iPads are their communication devices. It’s necessary to help them develop the skills to use them successfully.
  • Self-expression. Children can explore and create through open-ended fun.


  • For children who still explore with their mouths, use pudding instead of shaving cream.
  • For children who are tactilely defensive, place the shaving cream or pudding into a gallon Ziplock bag. This is also great to use as a messy play activity without the mess!


  • Make tracks using small cars
  • Create a winter scene and have dolls "ice skate"