Toy Fair Everywhere

September 14–20, 2020

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Toy Fair Everywhere leverages the Association’s state-of-the-art technology platform powered by Balluun to swiftly respond to the immediate needs of the toy ecosystem. The virtual platform is built to accommodate the many ways you wish to showcase products and connect with buyers.

During Toy Fair Everywhere your company can:

  • Reconnect with existing customers
  • Regain momentum with your Toy Fair New York prospects
  • Reach new leads
  • Be discovered by media, trade professionals, and more

Toy Fair Everywhere allows your company to:

  • Set up a personalized showroom
  • Book virtual appointments for product demonstrations
  • Upload your existing customers
  • Be matched with buyers interested in your product category
  • See analytics on profile and showroom views

If interesting in exhibiting, you can book your showroom on the Toy Fair Everywhere website or email Stacy Liebensohn to apply.


Exhibitor Tool Kit - On Demand Tutorials

The Toy Fair Everywhere Exhibitor Kit has all the answers on how you can set up your profile, showroom, and get prepped and prepared for the market week.

Find answers to general questions, setting up your showroom, using the platform and buying and selling on Toy Fair Everywhere in our Frequently Asked Questions.

How to Keep Your Business Going & Growing

This webinar provides a full tutorial of what’s possible while exhibiting during Toy Fair Everywhere.

Exhibitor Profile Setup

Learn how to set up your company profile.

  1. Sign in to
  2. Hover over the blue arrow next to your name and click “Exhibitor Profile.”
  3. Click edit.
  4. Fill in as many fields as possible for a robust profile.
  5. Click save.

Showroom Set-Up

Learn how to set up your showroom.

  1. Sign in to
  2. Hover over “Content,” then click “Showroom.”
  3. To add a collection, click “Collections,” then “Add Collection.”
  4. To add a brand, click “Brands,” then “Add Brand.”
  5. To add your products, click “Products.”
  6. There are two choices: Add products by importing in bulk (recommended if you have many products) or adding individually.
  7. To import in bulk, click “Import Products,” then click “Skip” to skip manually adding all product images. Download and fill out your template if you haven’t already. Asterisks denote mandatory categories. Fill in the image columns with each image’s URL (the image must be JPG or PNG) from your website or from an online folder. For the “Category” column, you must choose from the set list of product categories. To view the list, click “Download List” under “Reference List of Categories and Brands.” We recommend copying and pasting to ensure you use the exact words. When you’re done with your template, click “Next,” “Choose File,” and upload your template.

Promote Yourself

Learn how to maximize your presence with advertising opportunities, posts in the social feed and more.

Search for and Manage Leads With SalesMatch

Learn how to use SalesMatch to search for buyers that are perfect for you. Plus, manage and view analytics on those new leads.

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