Licensing Explained - The ABCs of Brand Licensing

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Date & Time:

Thursday, June 27, 2024
2 to 3 p.m. (Eastern)


This pre-recorded session will give you a solid foundation in brand licensing, empowering you to make informed decisions about its potential application in your career or business.

Who Should Attend:

All individuals new to the licensing industry or looking to enter into licensing as a career path. It is also recommended for business professionals curious about applying a licensing strategy to their current business strategy and are curious to learn more about the basics of brand licensing.

What You Will Learn:

This session will unravel the world of brand licensing and its impact on businesses globally. You will gain comprehensive knowledge about brand licensing, the total commercial value of the licensing industry, and its application within product & business categories. This session also explores how brand licensing can benefit businesses and delves into the key players involved in the licensing journey.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Understand the definition of brand licensing.
  • Gain insights into the commercial value of the brand licensing industry.
  • Explore the different types of businesses and areas generating revenue through brand licensing.
  • Identify the product and service categories where brand licensing is commonly applied.
  • Discover how brand licensing can support businesses through storytelling, engagement, and revenue generation, from the perspectives of brand owners, manufacturers, and retailers.
  • Get acquainted with the essential players involved in the licensing process and the collaborative nature of brand licensing.

We invite you to submit questions to licensing experts in advance of the session here:


Amanda Cioletti, vice president of content & strategy, Global Licensing Group


Amanda Cioletti, vice president of content & strategy, Global Licensing Group

Susan Bolsover, managing director & founder, Lightbulb Licensing

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