“Worldwide Headquarters of Play” PSA Wins a Telly Award

May 27, 2021 | The Genius of Play’s “Worldwide Headquarters of Play” Public Service Announcement (PSA) has won a 2021 Silver Telly Award.

The campaign was produced by Coyne PR and Grey Sky Films in partnership with The Genius of Play, The Toy Association’s non-profit initiative designed to educate parents and caregivers on the value of play. It features a diverse cast of families playing inside of homemade forts together as they share how play benefits both kids and adults. The campaign draws on research that shows intergenerational play is beneficial to adults, as well as multiple studies that highlight play’s critical role in the healthy development of children.

The “Worldwide Headquarters of Play” PSA campaign has been running on television nationally since its launch in March 2020. It has received over 250 million impressions and generated over $14 million in donated media value, becoming one of the most successful PSAs developed by The Genius of Play. The PSA’s key message – “play is critical to our physical and emotional well-being at any age” – resonated with millions of families during the pandemic. It will continue to be an important reminder to keep playing as the world reopens and both kids’ and parents’ schedules fill up again.

Founded in 1979, the Telly Awards honor video and television made for all screens. Nominees are judged by The Telly Award Judging Council, a group of industry leaders from some of the most prominent companies in entertainment, publishing, advertising and emerging technology.

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The Genius of Play’s award-winning PSA can be viewed here.