The Toy Association™ Pushes Back on False Claims in NGO “Toy Safety” Lists

toy-safety-awareness-month-logoNovember 28, 2023 | The credibility of NGO reports that question the safety of toys continues to decline thanks to The Toy Association™’s proactive approach in countering these deceitful claims. Protecting member companies and the industry at large against these misleading and unfounded narratives is one of the many Toy Association toy safety initiatives during the fourth quarter, which also involves educating consumers on safe toy shopping throughout Toy Safety Awareness Month in November.

"Legitimate toys meticulously comply with more than 100 stringent federal standards and tests, which is why toys are among the safest consumer products found in the home," said Adrienne Appell, executive vice president of marketing communications at The Toy Association. "Yet, certain NGOs choose to exploit the holiday shopping season by causing consumer panic with reports raising unwarranted concerns about toy safety. The Toy Association debunks these claims, and our efforts have proven successful in eroding the credibility of such reports."

For the third year in a row, The Toy Association was invited to participate in U.S. PIRG’s press conference tied to the release of its “Trouble in Toyland” report. Joan Lawrence, senior vice president of standards and regulatory affairs and The Toy Association’s “Toy Safety Mom,” provided safety guidance for families, including how to avoid counterfeit toys sold online, how to monitor for recalled product, why it’s critical to follow age labels on toys and supervise play, and how to be vigilant with “smart” toys and other internet-connected products in the home.

"While our perspectives are not completely aligned with PIRG's annual report, we acknowledge the common ground we share in addressing safe shopping and play tips with parents," Appell said.

Coverage for World Against Toys Causing Harm’s (W.A.T.C.H.) “10 Worst Toys” list remained modest this year, appearing in 11 placements compared to a dozen placements in 2022 and nearly 500 in 2021. The Toy Association was proactive in offering interviews with the Association’s toy safety experts and issuing a statement against W.A.T.C.H.’s report to media outlets — the vast majority of which did not choose to cover the story this year.

Toy Safety Awareness Month will continue through the end of November; any individual or company that wishes to be an advocate for safe play is encouraged to get involved. The Toy Association’s safety content can be shared using #ToySafetyAwarenessMonth and #PlaySafe. Be sure to follow the latest updates on LinkedIn, Facebook, and X.

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